2017 / 2018 



We live in a system which finds convenient to raise insecure people. In Italy one person out of ten suffers or have suffered of Depressive Disorder. I’m one of them. As I started psychoanaltical therapy, everything went better, but yet I can’t say I will ever win this disease. This theme isn’t addressed properly in Western society, nor fought effectively. Every portrait is a self-portrait. Sometimes I find myself painting a self-portrait as a confused entity.



My father was religious. Not in an excessive strong way, but I’ve been raised with catholic ideas. I’ve followed the whole religious journey that is required to every catholic child. The things changed when my father passed away. The skepticism slowly won, fueled by the fact that I was living in the capital city of this religion. I saw the corruption, I saw the paedophilia. How could God be true if his heraldsare that bad? Slowly I stopped beliving in God and it became easier to strip every religious representation of their meaning. Those kind of icons are easy to find in Rome, maybe in thrifts shops. I suddenly started to paint on religious artifacts. By doing this I was exploiting the mole of kitch language as background, adding abstract forms or new symbolisms. I made mine Jesus again.



Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination.” says Jim Jarmusch. We live in the Era of Collages. Music industry went in the direction of reabilitating old materials, Art does this thing since Dada, maybe even before. As I started to walk in thrift shops I solved the worst issue for an Artist: the blank paper syndrome. Ripping old prints, pasting and recon guring dusty books helps me starting from something concrete. Most of the times I paint on these backgrounds abstract forms. is fact lets me paint without any gurative problem of veracity.

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Jacopo Ernesto Gasparrini

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